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Types of Relationships to define your love

Types of Relationships to define your love

The relationship between friends or partners could be perfect. However, sometimes this relationship could grow bitter and sour. But in spite of the upheavals in the romantic relationship, there is always a chance for the betterment in the relationship. When a new relationship starts, one finds oneself, that as a unique cherish-able experience. This experience is not unique for an entire first experience, but it can be unique even if it’s not the first. Though, it’s not at all easy to predict the outcome of a relationship when it is new until and unless the partners have spent several moments together making the relationship stable. Every partner’s romantic relationships might not be pleasant in the long run too. Some partners might ditch, betray the other or might be selfish or unfaithful towards the other. But there is also an unlimited possibility that one might come across some person who seems just perfect for the other. In a perfect romantic relationship between partners, the partners in their attitude are very compatible with each other. This compatibility lacks in generally failed relationships.

One Way of Developing Relationships by the means of ‘DATING’

Dating means actively meeting people and spending time with them. A friendship develops from these dates, and the friendship might be for a long run or for a short span of time. Even from these dates, romantic feelings develops between the daters and they might in future decide to marry each other. Thus the romantic relationships are also initiated via means of dating. However, one thing is certain that even if one person is a perfect lover and is selfless in his or her attitude, but if the person is dating another person who isn’t compatible with his or her attitude towards the partner then the relationship can leave both the partners feeling bitter and sour.

Dating can also be of a casual nature. The purpose behind this casual dating is that if one does not look for a commitment in a relationship. One spends quality time with someone one likes, and it is a sort of hanging out with a friend, have chats and gossips and return. Here too, fine-tuning of one’s mindset should have compatibility with his or her casual date friend.

Types of Relationships:

  • Monogamous Relationships— This type of dating is a relationship between two partners who decide to go for a married relationship with each other via this dating. In this, the mutual partners decide to have a romantic relationship with each other solely. They will have no other partners. Hence the relationship is monogamy relationship.
  • Polyamorous Relationships— This type of dating brings forward relationship between more than one partners with the consent of each partner. Hence the word Poly is associated with it which has a Greek origin.
  • Open Relationships—Polyamorous relationships might create closed bonds whereas in an open relationship dating sexual aspect is the primary No bonding is prevalent in an open relationship with no commitment from any side.
  • Long-Distance Relationships— A romantic relationship between two partners who cannot meet regularly since they live far away from each other and can date very few times over a very long period.

Finally, it can be said from the above observations, that a perfect relationship doesn’t need two perfect partners but all that an ideal romance need is merely two people who are compatible to each other and have the same expectations from their imagination of love and life. In a relationship, if equality exists between the two partners, that is, if they help each other and inspire each other in an equal way, then the relationship will be everlasting.

Relationship growing through dating concept could be advantageous or even might be non-beneficial. Hence the partners should be extremely cautious at the beginning and only if they find their other partner compatible with their thoughts, then only they should pursue further dates with that partner.

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