what are best ways to get over a crush?

what are best ways to get over a crush?

We have all been there, isn’t it? It’s pretty much difficult when have had a crush on someone from a really long time and all of a sudden you get to know he/she is interested in someone else. It hurts, right? But don’t you worry, here are a few tips that could be really helpful in getting over your crush.

Share it with your best/close friend

Sometimes, you just have to talk it out whom you trust. You will feel a lot better. You will surely get a clarity of the situation and blurt out all your feelings and you will be able to move on quickly.

Distract yourself

Do not just sit alone and keep thinking about your crush. Spend time doing things that you love. Go out with friends for a coffee or lunch or dinner. You can also have a night out with your friends. The more you enjoy yourself, the faster you will get over your crush.

Stop stalking your crush over social media

Avoid looking at your crush’s social media profile. If he/she is your Facebook friend. Just unfollow them or if possible just block them. And not just on Facebook, ensure you have unfollowed them from every social media account. So, just clear your screen of your crush’s presence. Don’t fret about it, you will move on! It’s just a crush to get crushed: P

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