What are some things a girl should know about guys?

What are some things a girl should know about guys?

When it comes to dating, it’s important to know that men think differently from women. You might at times, end up doing things that your guy didn’t want to. So, girls you should know these few things about guys to make your date or relationship a good one.

If He is Interested, He will Call

If a guy is interested in you, he will surely call you. A guy does not give excuses like-“I got busy”. “I lost your number”, “I had some family function”. If he wants to see you again, he will call. So, just wait for a day and if he doesn’t, move on!

He appreciates a Sincere Woman

A guy always wants a woman to be genuine and honest. He doesn’t like women who are fake. There are some girls who act really different on the first date and after a few days they get into their actual persona. This way no guy will ever call you back. A guy appreciates and want those women who are actually trustworthy and sincere.

He doesn’t think too deep

It’s in the nature of girls to over-think and over-do a few things. But a guy prefers to live in the moment. If you are on a date, he will want to enjoy that moment, not think about the future. Don’t over analyse his thoughts, you might get hurt as well. A guy rarely falls in love, he takes time. So, just enjoy the date with him rather than thinking about what’s next.

Just keep these small things in mind and you are good to go on a date with your guy!

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