What are the best Tinder hacks?

What are the best Tinder hacks?

If you are struggling to get good matches, don’t deactivate the app so soon. Here are some excellent tinder hacks that will surely get you awesome matches.

Try these out:
1. Have an interesting bio or profile
You should make sure that your profile gives a sense of your personality and interests. This is how the other person will start a conversation. And if you just leave your profile blank, anyone who swipes on you might give a second-thought. Your bio is the most important thing on tinder after your profile photo.

2. Use filters for photos
You might have seen these beer goggles, rose-tinted sun0-glasses, right? So, use these as filters and make your profile photo more prominent. You can use from Instagram, Light room or create your own using Light room app. But usage of filters is must when you are posting pictures on tinder.

3. Don’t beat around the bush
If you get a message from someone or you message the other person first, start with a small talk. There are many messages that people receive on tinder, so make the most of it and start with a fun and exciting message.

4. Ask for what you want
Be specific in your bio. Do not write anything in bio that does not go with you. Remember, the most successful people are in the world are not just lucky, they ask what they want! So, stay on the same page and start swiping on tinder.

These simple hacks will surely get you a few more matches that you are looking for!

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