What could make you a Good Kisser?

What could make you a Good Kisser?

We have all been through that uncomfortable moment when the guy or girl leans in for the kiss and awkward situations suddenly pop up. If you have ever been in such a situation. It’s time to observe and know the sigh s before diving in for the kiss.

Before you get in the sweet deal, make sure you are aware of the signals the girl is sending first. If a woman is really into you, she will soon start giving body language and other signs that she wants a kiss. However, these signs can be pretty subtler, so observe them carefully.

If you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity, here are some signs that will tell you if the girl really wants a kiss or wants to be kissed.

Wide Eyes

You might have noticed that if people are enjoying what they like and enjoy, their eyes tend to get wider and pupils to dilate. So, if you are on a date with a girl, and you notice her eyes getting bigger and bigger, that means she is interested in connecting with you more. And if she maintains eye contact with you at the same time, then that signal becomes much stronger.

Special Touch

Touch is one of the indicators that woman use when they want to be kissed or really want to get in touch with the guy. If a girl is really interested in you, she will find ways to touch you. The more the girl touches you, it’s safer to assume that she wants to be kissed. You might notice she touches you more than she touches anyone else.

Lips Luring

If a woman is thinking about kissing you or being kissed she will start getting preoccupied with lips. She may start licking or clenching her lips. She might even dart down to look at yours. If a woman is thinking about kissing you then she may start to become preoccupied with lips.

But, just because a girl is licking her lips doesn’t mean she is interested in kissing, she might be nervous or compulsion of some kind. So, do not jump to conclusion so quickly. Take your time and move forward.

Hair Flicking

Tossing of head or flicking if hair sound cliché right? But you see it often in movies when a girl and a guy flirt with each other. A slight tilt of her head while flicking her hair to one side is her way of saying “Notice Me”.

And by tossing her to one side she is exposing her erogenous neckline. This is a sure sign that she is totally into you and wants to be kissed.

She stays even after goodbye

If she stays for a while even after bidding goodbye, it’s a green signal for you to lean in and sweep your date off with an amazing kiss. She would be waiting for you to kiss her before she leaves. So, do not miss this sign.

Communication Signals

You should pay attention to how the girl communicates with you. Are her questions geared towards knowing you more and better and on a personal level? Is she laughing at your jokes that aren’t too funny? Is she talking all herself by asking questions so as to be in the conversation? These can all be signs that the girl is interested in you and may be looking for a kiss.

Now, you know the signs whether the girl is looking for a kiss or not, it’s time to know some tips to kiss a girl.

Kissing is a powerful way to enjoy an intimate moment with your date. If she hints you, grab her and experiment with smooches. Give the best one at first shot!

Here are a few ways in which you can kiss a girl in a perfect way that she gets all into you.

Tease and Kiss

It’s not always necessary to kiss your date on lips. To make it more interesting and seductive try out the playful seduction.  It’s fun to tease your girl by just brushing your lips against the back of her neck or trail along her collarbone before making your way to the main event. She would love it as you would be doing this differently. And, trust me, girls love being teased first and then moving to the other level.

Endless Moment Kiss

Kissing with a passion and creating connection between the two partners is an art. If you want to impress your girls with the perfect kiss, do not hurry. Firstly, kiss her cheeks and then bring your lips closer to hers and start kissing her gently. Close your eyes and open occasionally. Take the lead and caress her cheek or hair and just enjoy the moment and get deeply into each other. This would definitely be the amazing moment you both would have.

Use hands while Kissing

Kissing is the only instrument in creating a sensual connection between two souls. Your hands can be a beautiful complement. You can hold her face in your hands while you kiss her or stroke or gently pull her hair. And find ways to make the kiss a part of the music, not the entire song.

Eye Contact while Kissing

Eye-gazing does not mean just to stare at each other without making any connection. Eye-contact while kissing creates the thrill of vulnerability which ignites passion and is worth it. Making an eye-contact while kissing would be magical. You would feel spiritually evolved with each other. It’s about every now and then pulling back from the kiss to look at each other. This would be great if you both know each from a long time.

Move a level up from the basics

Kissing does not always mean to kiss on lips, you can kiss your girl on her erogenous zone or soft spot behind the earlobe, that’s too sensational. You can also kiss her on her forehead, closed eyelid, neck, and a little dip in the collarbone. She might get mesmerized.

Kissing is an intimate way to connect with someone and express your passion. The key to kissing is to have interest in one another. When you kiss someone, and if you want her to remember you for that passionate love0making session, you really need to know the art of kissing.

So, follow these kissing tips and give her the best!

Let us know if you have more kissing tips J

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