What does a husband really expect from his wife?

What does a husband really expect from his wife?

Husbands do not always ask their wives for what they want. They do not say it but then they have certain expectations.


Most husbands like to be patted on the back. They will not say it but they want their wives to appreciate them if they have done something good or helped their wives in their chores. So, wives, please appreciate your husbands and it should be genuine. They will love it.


We all want to be accepted for who we are and don’t want to change, right? So, women, please don’t expect your guys to change. Your husband expect you to accept them how they are. Men often get hurt when their wives try to change them.


Creating a loving and memorable relationship starts with respect. Husbands expect their wives to respect them and it’s one of the ways wives can shower love and care. Respecting your husband means to listen to them, ask them for their opinions, let them know how important they are, and together create an understanding relationship.

Stay as companions

Husbands also expect to stay more of companions or friends in a relationship as it becomes easy to share everything with the partner. They expect their wives to be more if a friend than a wifey material. Someone who listens to them understand them, support them, guide them, and decide together.

What is one thing you can’t tolerate in a relationship?

A relationship is based on mutual trust, understanding, respect for each other and a sense of being togetherness. If any of these elements are missing from the relationship, it becomes difficult to stay in that relation. However. In my opinion, one of the things that is just intolerable in a relationship is mental and physical abuse.

Many women live with mental and physical abuse in a relationship. But, you should speak up and should not tolerate this kind of behaviour. What’s the point in staying, if you are not happy in such relationship? If your partner abuses you or tortures you, gather some courage and strength to face it and bring it up in the society. Just know that you are capable enough to handle all the situation and speaking up will surely make your life better.

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