What is a sugar daddy relationship?

What is a sugar daddy relationship?

The definition of dating has changed, it’s no longer about being committed to one partner or dating someone who is similar to your age. These days’ people are looking for arrangements where no strings are attached. The new concept that is emerging is: Sugar Relationship”

Sugar relationship involves a Sugar Daddy, who is generally an older man into business or some corporate job dating Sugar Baby, an attractive younger girl who wish to live a luxurious lifestyle. This arrangement between the two benefits both materially and if not handled properly, it might give rise to emotional complications in the future.

The couple starts the relationship with a financial agreement and list down their boundaries in the relationship and also specify if they will be considering any sexual relationship. Some sugar babies ask for monthly allowance while others get financial assistance in the form of luxurious holidays and shopping sprees.

A growing number of sugar babies are actually college going girls who want to enjoy each every aspect of life or seeking for some financial help and career progress. And as she cannot ask much from her parents, she turns to become a Sugar Baby.

The Sugar Relationship can vary in different forms like length of the relationship, duration of dates, the frequency of dates, goals of both Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby.

The dynamics of Sugar Daddy and Baby relationship is a little different from any other relationship. They have all the terms and conditions specified before entering into the relationship. They can be intimate, go out for dinner or lunch or just hang out together and spend some good time as companions. However, while signing up for this kind of relationship both the parties must understand not to interfere or cause any personal or professional problems to each other. Otherwise, the relationship might turn into a disaster.

Most of these relationships are between a man who is either seeking for sexual pleasure or just wants to have a companionship with a young attractive looking woman and a girl who is looking for a promotion, early advancement in a career, financial assistance, wants to go for foreign trips and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

As such a Sugar Daddy supports the girl through various means such as job promotion, accommodation, foreign trips, and spends lavishly on his Sugar Baby.

A sugar relationship might evolve into a good friendship or if any of the party gets too carried away with the relationship, there will definitely be problems in this kind of relationship.

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