What is some dating advice for men?

What is some dating advice for men?

Most men think women prefer a guy who is super-rich, a good build-up with muscles and six-pack abs. But men, you are wrong! What women want is a man who displays manners, morals, integrity, independent, self-respect, and knowledgeable.

So, men you really need some dating tips to impress women. Here you go:
1. Be Confident: When you go on a date, make sure the way you enter the restaurant, the way you talk to the waiter, the way you sit and communicate, everything reflects your confidence. And women like “Confident Man”. So, don’t get nervous, it’s just a date. Relax and make a smooth conversation confidently.

2. Keep the conversation fun: Do not get into analytical talks on a first date itself. It’s inevitable that you might end up having a facts-sharing session but ensure you add some fun element into it. Otherwise, it gets really boring. So, keep the conversation flowing and fun. This way the girl will enjoy the talk and will want to meet you again.

3. Be a good listener: It’s always good to share and open-up about your interest, work and other routine. But don’t do all the talking, listen to the other person as well. Listen to her interests, thoughts, ideas, and respond accordingly.

4. Be yourself: She wants to know you, not the guy you think she wants. Just be open about yourself, be honest, give your honest opinions, and if she is not interested, know it-she is not the one!

Hope above mention dating advice will help you to improve relationship.

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