What is the best approach to text a girl if she takes long time to text back?

What is the best approach to text a girl if she takes long time to text back?

It’s annoying when a girl doesn’t reply to your text, isn’t it? She might reply, but replies after hours and that’s really irritating.

But worry not, there are many things that you can do to make text as soon as she gets a text from you. Here are a few tips:

Text her Transparently

You can just text her with this: “You owe me a treat”. She will wonder why and text you immediately asking why. You can make up something and make sure she laughs over it. And if she doesn’t agree to give a treat, just apologize her and say you owe her a treat instead. It would be clever move, and she might say yes to your offer and meet you. And she will surely text you as she gets your message.

The Reminder Text

Now, you have to be a little cute and mushy. Send her an image, a joke or meme that reminded you of something she might have said or acted in that way. Women love the guys who remember such small things. She will surely melt in seconds and will not miss even a single text from you.

Text with a purpose

Don’t send any random text that don’t serve any purpose. Otherwise she might just lose interest in you. You can text in the following ways:

  • Compliment her
  • Flirt with her a little, otherwise she might friend-zone you
  • Make her wait to hear from you, make her want you.

These pointers would surely be helpful in making a girl text you back immediately.

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