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What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

Dating is not easy. Relationships are difficult, we all know that!

A relationship requires good dedication, focus, and work. Finding the right person and settling down with that person is one of the biggest decisions that you have to make in life. And even when you find the one, you will have to make some efforts to maintain your relationship.

And we see people giving dating advice every now and then; they are always full of advice. Some advice really works out well and some just do not and there are some words given by people that just stick to us. So, we asked a few people to give their best dating advice. And we have received some of the best dating advice that would work out for everyone.

Read on some of the best advice here:

You are responsible for your own happiness

Is it your partner’s job to make you happy? No, right. You should be able to make yourself happy even when you are in a relation. If you are happy, you will feel about yourself and ultimately, the relationship will turn out to be successful. If you just rely on your partner to make you happy, trust me, your relationship would not last for long.

Do not assume that they are always going to be in a good mood with a happy face, that’s not going to be forever. Sometimes, there might some professional tension or anything else. So, do not make your mood of seeing your partner mood. In fact, try to lift their mood and be happy. In my case, me and my partner, we both do those things that make us happy. And yes, even we do a few things for each that would make us happy together. So, follow this advice and you will have a good relationship in long-term for sure.

Face Conflicts together

This is one of the best dating advice I have ever received and I have been following it. Someone said, “When there is a conflict in a relationship, it’s you and your partner together versus conflict, not you against your partner.” Isn’t this the best advice? I believe it’s beautifully framed and everyone should take this piece of advice.

Be Honest

Be truly honest about who you are, what you like/dislike, what are your future plans, how would you like to live, etc. This is because you have to spend the entire life with your partner so being honest would be best for both of you to lead a successful married life. And do not try to be someone else, be who you are with your partner. This is because if you can’t be your true self with your partner, it will get difficult day by day to stay together. And it’s very important to know about each other’s’ lifestyle and the way they are. So, talk it out and decide!

Not all advice is universal, but these were the hand-picked ones, and taking these little pieces of advice would make your relationship or dating better. You would smoothly sail your boat!

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