What is your Sexual Fantasy?


Whenever it comes to sexual fantasy, very few people talk about it openly, as our society still judge people who talk about sex openly.

Sexual fantasies are totally normal as they allow us to explore our sexuality and boost up our imaginations. Having sexual fantasies are healthy for your sex life and can be a great way to know your desires and kinks. Fantasies also help in increasing bond and connection between the partners. It adds a fun element into the relationship. Fantasies are the spark of any relationship and sex life gets better and better.

The couples who are in long term relationship, sharing fantasies with your partner can recreate excitement.

Recently there was a survey conducted to know how many people have fantasies and what they fantasy about even when they are in a relationship. Let’s have a look at it:

  1. A recent survey conducted in the UK found that 50 percent of the women think sex with their ex even when they are in a relationship.
  2. The survey found that there are women who wish to have sex with the men they were dating. They wish to have sex even after the separation. And the most surprising thing is that 38 percent of the women have already been a part of this.
  3. 24 percent of the women feel guilt after fantasizing about their ex.
  4. At the same time, 76 percent of women feel that the idea of being in a relationship with the ex is very common as this is one of the important parts of life.
  5. When talking about men, only 53 percent of men imagine or fantasize about ex-girlfriend/s.
  6. 23 percent of men have been in such sexual encounters, of which 16 percent feel guilt after they think about being in such a relationship.
  7. Apart from other sex fantasies, people fantasize about celebrities and some people imagine sex with strangers. And there a few people who are attracted towards their office colleagues and fantasize about them.
  8. A dating website, IllicitEncounters.com conducted a survey of 2000 people. The survey consisted of the list of the most popular fantasies. The most popular one was “Fantasizing about Ex”, provided even if he/she is in a relationship with someone.
  9. In this list, 55 percent of people imagine sex with their ex, Apart from that, 40 percent of the people fantasize watching sex scene online on TV while having sex with their partner. And 29 percent of them fantasizes sex with strangers.
  10. 27 percent of people imagine having an affair with their office colleague. 25 percent wish to have sex with their friends. 19 percent fancy having group sex. 14 percent of them wishes to have sex outdoor or public place. And the most uncommon one-11 percent fantasize sex with Police Officers.

Here are a few sexual fantasies that every other person might have and there is nothing wrong to discuss it with your partner and make your sex life more exciting.

The Stranger Fantasy

Isn’t there something sexy about anonymity? When having sex with your partner, pretend you both are strangers. Start by meeting at some restaurant with different names, new hairstyles and be in that character for long. And head out to a hotel or home. And be in character for the entire time. If you have such fantasy, go for it! You will surely enjoy and have fun!

Outdoor Sex

Looking for some adventure sex? Many people fantasize about having sex outside the bedroom or in an open place. It’s a great idea! You can embrace the outside elements and try doing it in a secluded area. And there are many places where you can have outdoor sex-car, pool each, the grass, and many more.


Many women dream about having a man who obeys their wishes in bed and trust me, most men love to get domination in bed. So, unleash your inner dominatrix and try it out in your bedroom. You can use some stuff like handcuffs, whip, blindfold, etc.

Strip show

Girls and guys, you both can organize a strip show for your loved ones. Girls, if you are going for it, you will love it as you will be wearing your sexiest lingerie and look the sexiest! And no doubt, guys should surely love this for sure! Give your guy a lap dance, arrange for pole dance, tease him, he will be totally into you. Let him beg for more and you control him!

Erotic Spanking

Don’t you love kinky butt smacking? Imagine about erotic spanking, you will surely get the goosebumps. If you do, you will love it. So, talk to your partner about whipping you into shape:P

Role play

Role play is the most common sexual fantasy that everyone might have. Some couples like to dress up as a doctor and nurse or doctor and patient, some as a teacher and student. There are many such role plays that couples fantasize about. So, which one is your favorite?

Remember, you have all the rights to have private thoughts and it’s nothing that defines you. You are who you are. And it’s definitely fine to have wild sexual fantasies, there is nothing wrong in it. So, share all your sexual fantasies with your partner and make your sex life all the way more thrilling.

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