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Why do people need relationships?

Why do people need relationships?

Relationships are vital for various reasons such as creating stability, increasing emotional well-being, having someone to count on and someone with whom we can share our happiness as well as sad moments. Each relationship provokes different responses and helps us grow and learn about ourselves.

To feel secure is one of the basic needs of all of us. Isn’t it?

And how does this security come? It comes when we are with someone, someone who can protect us or someone we can trust.  We associate safety with being with one or more persons who pledge they will be with us always, even when things get difficult. This is one of the basic elements of life that everyone would like to have.

One of the reasons people need relationships is to recreate familiar emotional exchanges. We often tend to be in a relationship in which we share an emotional connection. Emotional connection is important while building a relationship. And we human beings cannot stay without exchanging our emotions with someone we truly value. We can’t express emotions to each and everyone. There is one person or a group of people with whom we can exchange our emotions. As such, we do need a relationship.

Here are some of the reasons and advantages that why people need relationships:

  1. Being in a relationship gives you more opportunity and you become more stable. When you have someone by your side who is striving for the same goals, they are attained much more easily.
  2. Relationships can help us to make better people. Love is really powerful in that way. If your partner brings out the best in you, he or she is the keeper.
  3. You can get more done when you have a partner. Sometimes it’s just a matter of motivation. You might need some motivation to achieve your target. And this is possible only when you are in a relationship as that person would know you better and motivate you to the fullest.
  4. Having someone by your side who knows you deeply is validating. Don’t you think when you are doing things and some notices you and appreciates you is the best feeling in the world? There are a few things that might go unnoticed but that special someone will surely notice and it gives you all the reasons to do them again.
  5. Relationships create warmth, hope, and happiness. The ore you love your partner and care for each other, you will have a great life ahead. It’s simple!
  6. Having someone by your side as you go through life makes easier to deal with the difficulties we all experience. Knowing that you have your partner who would support you till the end would make you a more optimistic person.

Now, what do you think? Do people need relationships or not?

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