Why Happy Couples indulge in Infidelity?

Why Happy Couples indulge in Infidelity?

These days’ extra-marital affairs or indulging in infidelity has become common. People all around are involving in infidelity, regardless of any socio-economic background or location.

There are some instances that came as shocking because those couples who are leading a happy and successful relationship, even they are indulged in extra-marital affairs. What can be the reason for happy couples indulging in the act of infidelity?

Pretty shocking right?

The most difficult thing with infidelity is to understand why it happened when everything seemed so perfect in the relationship. It gets very difficult to pinpoint the reason for cheating when the couples are enjoying their relationship.

When one partner cheats on another in the relationship, the consequences can be deadly. Many couples get separated once they get to know about their partner’s affair. And even if they plan to stay together, trust and honesty can never come back. As such, kit get difficult to stay together once a partner gets hints about the cheating.

Why Extra-marital affairs are on the rise? What can be the reasons? What can be the reasons that even happy couples are involved in extra-marital affairs?

Something obviously might have been not working well in the relationship. Let’s see some of the reasons:

  1. Reignite of Old Flame

Social media has penetrated into every single aspect of our lives. It is through social media that we get connected to our friends, past life and even our exes. Sometimes, it might happen that we meet our crush or ex or someone whom we used to admire a lot. We might be happy in our present relationship but the past memories do not leave us. We might gain get attracted to our ex or crush and get indulge in the act of infidelity without even knowing it. It just happens and it’s natural to get attracted to someone but then one should know where to draw the line.

Many people might get tempted to reignite that old flame once again and seek intimacy. This draws to cheating unknowingly.

  1. Parenthood

Parenthood changes the entre status of the relationship. With parenthood comes many responsibilities and it’s just not about you and your partner anymore, you have your kid as well. And your major attention draws towards the kid. Priorities changes to a great extent and the amount of time you both used to spend together also reduces to an extent. And if the partner might begin to feel alienated and unimportant. They might seem to be happy as a family but there might be something lacking. This is when infidelity comes into the picture. This feeling makes the partner look for pleasure somewhere else away than home.

  1. Midlife Crisis

When people reach their 40s or early 50s, some feel disappointed as their best days are gone. They are no longer so charming and their families also take them for granted. But this feeling is wrong. Even if you are in your midlife, you should feel young and energetic and always stay positive. But not everyone can stay so optimistic.

So, dating a younger person adds thrill and some excitement in their lives which leads to an affair. And men and women both get equally attracted younger ones in this age.

  1. Monotonous Life

A couple might be having a good relationship and are happy with each other but leading a monotonous life. Neither of them makes any effort or try to bring some spice in their life. This leads them to seek some adventure, spark, and enthusiasm outside their relationship. They might think happy but they are not. In such cases, couples should open up and communicate and give their opinions and suggestions to lead an interesting lifestyle. Most of them regret later as they lose a lot in the bargain.

  1. Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction is one of the major reasons that people are getting into the act of infidelity. The partner who is sexually addicted must seek help from the counselor or concerned psychologist. And the one who is sexually addicted should talk openly about the matter with his/her partner so that there is no misunderstanding in the later stage of life.

People who are sexually addicted, even if they are happy in their relationship, emotionally and physically, they feel like seeking pleasure outside the relationship as well. Ultimately, it leads to extra-marital affairs.

  1. Sexual Desire

Some feel unsatisfied with their sex life, perhaps because the partner does not seem so interested or the spark has lost between the partners. In this case, both the partners should communicate and reignite the passion again in their life.  And if they do no communicate the problem with each other, infidelity will surely take place in their relationship.

Infidelity is on the rise and the relationships are getting complicated day by day. There is a probability that infidelity will rise more in the society depending upon the nature of the relationships and behaviors of partners towards each other. It is only by understanding and communication between the partners that they avoid getting indulged in extramarital affairs. You need to address the causes of infidelity clearly and address the issue most effectively.

So, let’s not make our relationships bitter, instead, let’s talk about the problems openly and sort them out with our partners.

And if you think there are more reasons to it, please let us know more in our comment section below.

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